Beautiful and sustainably-made fine jewelry using rough and cut diamonds in recycled metals. 10% of proceeds go to ngos supporting mining communities in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Love Is Mighty

Gorgeous, hand-crafted shoes made from 100% vegan materials. LIM helps create jobs for the people in rural villages in India.

Platinum Dirt

Jackets, bags, clutches and cuffs made for men and women from recycled re-claimed vintage auto upholstery. Models used include Cadillac, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz.

Arm Candy by Nahui Ollin

Super stylish bags made from upcycled candy wrappers, magazines and other paper materials. Many different styles, shapes, and colors available.


Edgy and unique styles for women made from sustainably-sourced materials such as recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and hemp.

Klido Jewels

Simple and chic jewelry made with recycled metals and sustainably sourced gems, including blue topaz, amethyst, and garnet. Classic styles with a modern twist.


Super-comfortable workout gear made from recycled and sustainable materials. Collection includes workout pants and tops.

GO Fund

Handmade bags and clothing for women made by the women of Ghana. Proceeds go directly to the women of the impoverished communities who make them.

TEMPLE e de Mexico

Beautifully handcrafted artisanal jewelry, belt, bags, scarves, and other accessories. All sustainably made and inspired by Mexican design.

Iceing on Top

Adorable jewelry made especially for children. All made from recycled metals, ethically-sourced diamonds, and a portion of proceeds goes to Keep a Child Alive.


Tees, wallets, hats and other products made with upcycled materials such as newspapers and plastic bottles all picked up off the streets of India. The company promotes sustainability on all fronts, by creating jobs for people in India, recycling garbage to create their products, and sticking to minimalistic designs.

African Moringa

All natural and organic Miracle Powder and Miracle Oil nutritional supplement used for a wide variety of health benefits and promoting overall wellness.

Kopali Organics

The most delicious, sustainably-sourced organic treats you can find. We currently carry mango, chocolate-covered banana, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. We also carry Kopali Organics children’s tees.


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